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Last week I was cast in a movie as a featured extra. No lines, but I was in a couple of scenes with the star. It’s a romantic comedy. The star, I think, is a fairly well known TV actress. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize her and I was too embarrassed to ask who she was. But she was very nice and she hugged me at the end of the day. (Actually, I think I know who it is. But I don’t want to say, in case I’m wrong.)

Anyway, here I am relaxing in the glamorous Extras Holding area (a pop-up tent in the parking lot):

My role was “Sleeping Woman” or “Wardrobe Woman.” In the main scene I was in, I was sitting on a bench, having fallen asleep. I’m holding a big wad of clothing. The star walks past me talking on the phone, and she stops to give me a Christmas present. Very challenging acting! I had to sleep! LOL. The director actually gave me the instruction to “sleep more.”

I was in two other scenes backstage at the fashion show. In one I had to cruise past pushing a big clothes rack (the biggest challenge was to not run over the model crossing in front of me). In the other scene, they dragged me onto the set to block a camera reflection in the mirror.

These are the shoes I had to wear:

Those of you who know me well know I don’t wear heels like this anymore! Well, it looks pretty uncomfortable but it wasn’t too bad. At least I didn’t embarrass myself and trip and fall on my face.

This was a pretty large-scale production. There were at least 25 people on crew–A director, first and second assistant directors, make-up and wardrobe and prop people, several lighting guys, sound guys, PAs aplenty. The set was at a studio in Glendale. I was there for more than ten hours–all for that one little part.

Extras don’t get paid much, but usually we are fed well. This was not a union shoot, but they were adhering to union rules. We had a very nice catered lunch. This is me going through the buffet:

I really love acting. I’m hoping to get to do more of it. There’s always a lot of down time on the set–I think a career as an actress would complement my writing perfectly, if I can discipline myself enough to actually use the down time to write, instead of staring wide-eyed at everything going on around me.

This week, I really need to buckle down on the writing. I have a project that is ready to send out into the world! The long-suffering vampire novel is finally finished and ready to go.


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