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SynopsisI might be one of the only writers in the world who actually enjoys writing a synopsis. For me, it’s a time of ultimate creativity, a chance to challenge myself to come up with the best characters, the most unexpected plot twists, the cliffiest cliffhangers.

I always write the synopsis before the book. I tried writing a book without a synopsis once, and it was an unmitigated disaster. I wasted weeks tearing it up and putting it back together, cutting and adding, so that it made sense. But maybe you are comfortable with seat-of-the-pants writing. That’s okay. Writing a synopsis after that messy first draft allows you to see where your story needs shoring up. Find the holes, the parts that don’t quite connect. Write the synopsis as you wish the book had turned out, then dig into your revision with a plan in mind.

However, if you ever expect to sell books on proposal, as almost all prolific working writers do, it’s a good skill to master, and it’s not beyond your ability. Once you get down the basics, you get better with practice. (If you ever read any of my early attempts, you would see the truth in that.)

In June I am teaching a month-long workshop at the Margie Lawson Writing Academy, one of the premiere venues for online writing instruction. In this class, you will learn a foolproof formula for writing a synopsis that sings.  You will participate in exercises that actually create the building blocks you’ll use to assemble the synopsis, along with one-on-one feedback. (Feedback is shared with the class, so you learn from your own work as well as that of your classmates.) At the end of the month, you will write your synopsis and receive a personal, detailed critique/editing from me. The $50 you’ll spend on tuition is worth that service alone–that is what I would charge a private client just for the critique.

This is the last time I’ll be teaching this class for at least a year, possibly longer, as I am taking a vacation from teaching classes. This is my highest-rated, most in-demand class.

You don’t have to hate synopsis-writing anymore!

 Please go  here to learn more about the class and sign up:

You don’t have to hate synopsis-writing anymore!


Class space is limited, so don’t put it off.


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