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Something awful happened to me the other day. I met my writer friends at McDonald’s (no, that’s not the awful part). I ordered a coffee, then sat with my friend Laura. We both commented on how tasty the coffee was and what a bargain at 65 cents! Two other friends joined us, one of them a young, attractive mom with two small children (which was why we met at McDonald’s; it has a play area)

After our meeting, we all agreed our new temporary meeting spot (we usually meet at Starbucks). We all like the coffee, and Laura and I again commented about how lovely the 65-cent price is. The pretty one said, “Mine cost a dollar.”

I bet you can see where this is going. Laura and I looked at each other, horrified. The woman behind the counter had charged both of us the senior price! Without even asking! I’m not sure if I’m even old enough to qualify as a senior at McDonald’s.

This was a terrible blow to my ego. Most of my adult life, people have been surprised to learn my age, always believing I’m a good decade younger than I am. But sometime in the last five years, my looks have caught up with my age.

The very next day I went out and got a more chic, youthful-looking hairstyle and I bought a box of hair color (because yes, my roots were showing!) I am not giving in without a fight.

So how do you feel about senior discounts? If you are “of a certain age,” do you prefer for a clerk to simply give you the discount without asking, to ask if you qualify, or not give you the discount and assume you’ll ask if you want it?



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