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Mosaic Workshop

As a creative writer, it helps me to occasionally engage different parts of my creative self. I love mosaic, and this community workshop was just the thing to give my deadline sludged brain a break. The workshop is free to the public and goes on all summer. This month’s project is butterflies. We designed our boards, then picked out tiles from bins of broken pottery and glass. Then we glue them down and grout. Mine isn’t finished yet. I didn’t get a very good picture of it, but I thought you would enjoy some of the others. The kids really enjoyed it!

Not a very good picture. I couldn't see my camera screen because we were in bright sun.


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Gardening Day

I’m exhausted in a pleasant way. Put in my vegetable patch today. It’s not extravagant. Just a few squash and pepper plants and some lettuce (including some exotic kinds) to go with the tomato plants already there. I also planted some herbs–chives, mint, cilantro and parsley. Already have oregano and sage and rosemary. I forgot basil plants, the most important!

We had to “plow” up new ground for the garden. It was covered in thick grass and weeds and the ground was very hard. Thank goodness Rob decided to help me or I never would have gotten it spaded and weeded. But it looks nice now. There was a very large and scary bug that came out of the ground. Would have made a nice meal for the mockingbird but he was nowhere around.

Tomorrow I will plant the marigolds I bought (they were so cheap and really pretty).

Writing is not going so well. This new book hasn’t gelled yet! My characters are big sacks of hot air blabbing and blabbing in deep space because I have no description for pages and pages. But I’m hoping they’ll get better. One of the things I like about gardening is, i can just give my imagination free rein and ideas will bubble up.

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