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Our local grammar school, Luther Burbank Elementary, has commissioned a mosaic to be created and installed at their front entrance. The project is being directed by artist Dawn Mendelson. The subject matter of the mosaic is a tree bearing several different kinds of fruit. (Burbank  is famous for his pioneering fruit tree grafting.).

A call went out for volunteers to help create the mosaic, so since I love that particular art form (and I haven’t been able to do it since we moved because I don’t have the space … yet … I showed up. It was pretty straightforward. The design has already been drawn onto concrete board, the tiles have already been cut from recycled dishes and sorted into color bins. Some of the students at the school laid out tiles roughly in place. So my job was to fine tune fitting the tiles and glue them into place. I did some plums, an apple, and some leaves.

It’s kind of cool to think that my mosaic fruits will be installed at the front entrance of the school for years, possibly generations, to come. Right along with the trees I planted in front of the school last Saturday. (If I keep this up, they’re going to have to name the school after me!)

Here is my word count:


28210 / 70000 words. 40% done!


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It’s always tough that first week when everything is getting set up and people are introducing themselves. This is still not a good excuse for why my word count isn’t rising very fast.

My writing has been slooooooow! Can’t seem to get the momentum going on this book:


26685 / 70000 words. 38% done!

But at least it was Date Night, and we went out to dinner for the first time in a while. Walked across the street to the Thai place where we can amuse ourselves watching the fish in the salt water aquarium while we wait for our food. I got hot, hot curry tofu and pineapple. Yum.

Tomorrow I’m taking a mosaic workshop so that I can participate in creating a mosaic mural for a local elementary school.

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Even though it kind of sucks. But 1/3 of the way to the end, that doesn’t sound so bad!

23427 / 70000 words. 33% done!

Today I will put the last coat of “Youthful Coral” on the bedroom walls. Given the comments I’ve gotten from everyone, I guess it’s too bright. But I can’t face choosing a new color, so I’ll live with it for now.

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Inching forward

Still revising those first three chapters, but at least my word count is moving up, not down, today.

20818 / 70000 words. 30% done!

Right now, though, I need to go to the post office and mail off my contract so I can actually get paid! That will be nice. I’m going to do a few things I’ve been putting off, like get an eye exam so I can get bifocals and stop peering over the tops of¬† my glasses whenever i have to read something. I look like a complete dork doing that.

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