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Riding the L.A. Metro.

Yesterday, Rob and I rode the Metro into L.A. to meet some of his family to celebrate his sister’s birthday. I love the Metro. Aside from the fact that it’s ecological, and usually fairly quiet and comfortable and on-time, the train makes for great people-watching.

So we’re minding our own business, and from the corner of my eye I see this woman scooting along the aisle on her hands and knees, pushing a bag ahead of her. She reaches the front of the train and collapses into a heap. The amazing thing is, everyone else is totally pretending they don’t see her. She is barefoot with ragged bandages on her feet, and she is obviously either extremely drunk, extremely drugged, or very ill. In any case, she does not belong sleeping on the floor of a train.

So I call the L.A. County Sherriff (the number posted on all the trains to report trouble.) A few minutes later, at one of the regular stops, four deputies are waiting to board the train. (The funny thing–if anything about this story can be funny–is that half the people on the train zoomed out the back door when they saw all those uniforms boarding. They were either riding without tickets or had other reason to fear law enforcement.)

Anyway, the deputies helped the sick woman to her feet and escorted her off the train, where paramedics and a stretcher were waiting. She seemed quite willing to accept the help they offered, and I was glad of that. (Some people really don’t want help.) I will probably never know her story but I am glad that I called someone.

In other news: I now have a Facebook “Page” for Kara Lennox, Author. So far I have five people who “like” me and one of those is me and one is my husband, so that is pretty pathetic. Won’t you go to my Facebook page and “like” me? I promise not to bombard you with stuff, just want one place that has information about books and other writerly stuff. Here is my page badge, so you can go there:

Kara Lennox
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There is still time to sign up for my online Romantic Suspense workshop, hosted by the Colorado Romance Writers.

Whether you write about cowboys and babies or cops and serial killers, you must include suspense in your book if you want to keep the reader turning pages. “Suspense” doesn’t always mean bullets flying; family dramas, urban fantasies and sexy romps are fraught with their own brands of suspense. In this workshop we’ll focus on how to write a story that keeps your reader turning pages. Topics covered include when and how to reveal secrets to your characters and your readers, strategic placement of action scenes vs. love scenes, chapter beginning and ending hooks, and lots more.

The class runs from Feb. 7-Mar. 6

Here is the link to learn more:


I hope you’ll join me!


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