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The Synopsis Queen Tells All

Does the thought of writing a synopsis give you hives? Would you rather have a root canal? There is still time to sign up for my online workshop, “The Synopsis Queen Tells All,” hosted by the Colorado Romance Writers.

Nov. 1-26, 2010
$25 ($20 if you are a chapter member)
http://www.coloradoromancewriters.org/onlineworkshops.html (Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to see the workshop description; instructions for signing up are at the top of the page)

In this workshop, I will show you how to not only make the process (almost) painless, but to use the synopsis as a writing tool to make sure your book is as strong as it can be.

I will illustrate how to break down the synopsis-writing process into a foolproof formula that will have maximum impact for minimum words. Also discussed will be how to infuse the synopsis narrative with a lively style so that it’s entertaining rather than dry as dust and gives the reader a taste of the author’s voice.

An actual selling synopsis with the parts labeled is included as a hand-out.

I’ve sold many books on synopsis alone.  If you can write a good one, it’s a great time saver and career accelerator.

I will be critiquing actual students’ synopses at the end of the class.  If it’s a small class I’ll do everyone’s; if it’s larger, I’ll do some type of random drawing to determine whose synopses get critiqued.  I  hope you’ll join me!

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In real life, I’m supposed to be on a low-salt diet.  But I don’t have to show any self control when it comes to cute salt & pepper shakers.  I have a couple of nice sets in my Etsy shop; the pictures below link to the items.  And if you want to see loads more funky salt and pepper shakers, check out Southern Lady Vintage’s Blog:  http://southernladyvintage.blogspot.com/2010/10/vintage-salt-pepper-shakers.html.  She is hosting a blog tour, and lots of sellers show their cute S&P items.

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People keep asking me how the renovations are going.  They’re pretty much stalled because of this stupid floor.  It’s taking me forever to strip it.  But today I put in several hours.  The photo gives you some idea of what a disgusting job it is, but you don’t get how bad it smells!

This is only the first go-'round. I'm pulling up the majority of paint, but still lots left. Layers and layers of paint and varnish.

My sister is working on the plans for the double-decker porch on the back of the house; we have a contractor lined up.  Big question is, what’s involved in getting approval from the city?  I haven’t gone through the permit process in this city before.  Since my house is a landmark, they may get all snitty on me.

An even bigger question:  How much will it cost?  I am bracing myself.  If we can swing it, it’s going to finish off this year’s renovation budget, for sure.  No more big-ticket items until I sell a whole bunch of books!

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