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After dropping Rob off at his bridge partner’s house this morning, I stopped at Home Depot to buy a quart of paint so I could finish painting his office. I only had about four or five square feet of wall left. I did that, and lots of touch-up, then took down all the masking tape and touched up some more.

Next, the quarter-round. Cut 9 pieces to fit, now they’re ready to nail into place. Tomorrow I plan to fire up the new nail gun. Also have to install the picture rail for one wall (also painted today). It’s coming together, slowly. Still need to paint the closet. (That damn closet. I’m always forgetting about it.)

Pictures coming, maybe tomorrow.

I feel very sad that I missed the RWA conference this year. Only the 3rd time I’ve missed since 1987. The parties are probably all wound down now. One thing I’m glad about–no waiting for taxis and hustling through airport security tomorrow. I don’t miss that.

Watched a little bit of James Taylor and Carole King on Public TV tonight. Talk about nostalgia!

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My New Schedule

I have so many things I want to do. I could probably make a list of a hundred things I’d like to do, and I consider that a blessing. But even when I pare my list down to the most important things (writing screenplays and novels, renovating the house, crafts and art, fitness, quality time with friends and family) it’s hard to figure out how to do it all.

Whenever I do one thing, I feel guilty because I’m not doing the other. So I decided to make myself a schedule, where I fit everything in. I do a little of everything most days.

Today was my first full day following the schedule, and it feels pretty amazing! I’ve already figured out that I won’t be able to follow it perfectly. I had an important phone call that stole 30 minutes from my home renovation time. But it’s wonderful to be able to just look at the schedule and know what I should be doing at any given time. I don’t have to decide anymore what is more important. I just look at the schedule and go.

No more dithering! No more playing computer solitaire because I can’t decide what to do!

Granted, I’m only one day into this thing. (And I take weekends off and allow myself flexibility for those two days.) But I already feel I’ve gotten a lot done, I’m not rushed, and I’m happy at the end of the day.

Check back with me next week and see if I’m still on board; often my “self improvement” exercises don’t stick!

In other business, I ate one of my first home-grown tomatoes today, and can I just say it is AMAZING. So sweet and flavorful. Nothing like a backyard tomato.

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