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Deadline Dementia

Yes, I’ve been gone for a while. Haven’t even peeked at Facebook or Twitter.

I am officially in deadline hell. So even though I begged my editor for an extension, which moved my deadline from July 1 to July 6, I am still in crunch time.

The good news: I finished the rough draft of A SCORE TO SETTLE (my third Harlequin Superromance) on Saturday.

The bad news: It’s a REALLY ROUGH draft. Whole scenes are missing, I’ve lost the dog, and it’s filled with sentences like “She drove to BLANK BLANK (insert neighborhood information) on Tuesday (was it really Tuesday? go back and count the days) so she could talk to NAME (check Book 2 for the psychologist’s name).

This is what I have a “series bible” for. As I write these books, I’m supposed to be recording the name, physical description and pertinent facts about that character into a separate document used later for reference, when the character reappears. I am also supposed to be keeping a calendar, so I know how many days have passed.

I do this religiously when I start each book, but then I get lazy. Which results in horrible sentences like the one above. I also leave out the research in some instances, because I don’t want to stop the flow of words when they’re coming to look something up. (Like, I need to know more about Lear jets.)

So now here I am, trying to read through this muddled mess of a book and wondering how it’ll be done by July 6. But it’ll get done, somehow. It always does.

In other news, I’m going to a movie premier tomorrow evening! My talented actress friend Marie Del Marco plays a role in this independent horror film called GREY SKIES, and she invited me to the premier and the after party!

I am so Hollywood.

I have a new camera as of yesterday, so I hope to be taking more pictures for the blog from now on.

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Yoga Comedy

Yoga classes are normally sober and quiet. People come to class to relax and let go of the stress of the day. Usually no one speaks except our teacher.

Today was an exception.

Larry, our teacher, had just led us into “boat” pose, which involves balancing on your butt and sticking your legs and arms forward. If you’ve ever done it, you know it’s challenging for those abs, especially if you hold it for a while.

There’s an older lady in my class, Sally, who normally never makes a peep during class. But during this pose, she kind of collapsed onto the mat in a heap.

Larry asked, “Sally, what happened to your boat?”

She said, perfectly straight, “The son-of-a-bitch sank.”

Needless to say everyone’s boat sank after that.

If you’re in or near Long Beach, join us for Friday Night Sunset Yoga on the Bluff, 6:15-7:15 p.m. Fridays. Just slightly east of Redondo and Ocean Blvd., in Bluff Park.

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