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Last chance to sign up for “Aim High, Shoot Straight” Goals class:  http://www.yosemiteromancewriters.com/6.html (Scroll down to “May” and you’ll see my class.)  CLASS STARTS ON MONDAY!

Here is the class description:

If you want to write but you can’t seem to get motivated or find the time, or if you’re writing but not getting where you want to be in your career, if you’re jumping from project to project without a clear focus, this workshop is for you. Veteran author Kara Lennox will present her plan for focusing in on what you really want from your writing career, then show you how to formulate concrete, achievable goals and develop a step-by-step plan for achieving them. She’ll also show you how to form your own “dream team” and manage your time and your fears. Learn proven problem-solving techniques and tips for staying motivated. This is a workshop for serious writers who are committed to success–however you define success.

Cost is $25


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T’ai Chi

Today we got an extra treat in my T’ai Chi class.  My teacher’s teacher, Harry Wu, visited and led the class.  Master Wu is “5th generation” Yangjia Michuan Jaiji Quan, which means there is a direct connection through five instructors to the man who originated the Yang Michuan branch of T’ai Chi (or Taiji).

And now you know as much as I know!  I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to T’ai Chi (or “Taiji” as it is sometimes spelled).  But what I do know is, it was beautiful to watch Harry Wu move.  He demonstrated the form that we are learning and, oh, to be able to move like that, with such precision and grace and lack of strain.  Someday.

He has been doing T’ai Chi for 25 years.  I thought he was probably in his forties, but it turns out he is 65.  If T’ai Chi can make you look twenty years younger, I am going to keep doing it!

Also rode my bike to and from the class and the library, and walked to the post office, so a good, active day.

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Rob's office floor, the floor from hell

I have refinished a lot of floors, but this one defeated me.  I hesitate to even post a photo because it’s so ugly.  Thank God we have area rugs.

These are hundred-year-old cedar boards; you can’t get them anymore, so I have to save them.  So, maybe when I have more money to spend, I can have a professional come in and sand it down.  I tried.  I really did.  All I managed to do was ruin more sandpaper.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the icky varnish that is the root of all evil isn’t on all the floors, but I suspect it is.

In other news:  Got the new alarm system installed today.  Amazing what they can do now.  Everything is wireless.  No more sacrificing half a closet for a big metal box.  Everything is in the keypad.  The keypad is kind of ugly.  I am already plotting ways I can disguise it.

Wrote 6 pages today, not a banner day.  Might do a few more later.  For now, the weather is gorgeous and my lungs could use a good clearing from all the fumes, so I’m heading out for a walk.

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Okay, it’s not really my baby.  It’s a baby mockingbird that hatched in the bottle-brush tree just outside my office window.  I watched his parents through their courtship, nest-building and egg-brooding.  The first day I heard those thin but unmistakable peeps of the babies, I was so excited!

Mockingbird baby gets a meal!

Sadly, this guy’s sibling got eaten by a crow.  The crows have been onto this nest since Day 1, and though the parents put up a helluva fight, they lost one.  But this little guy has made it this far.

He’s not flying yet and he’s still getting fed by the parents, but I think he is too big for the crows to care.  Now, all he has to worry about are cats, cars, skateboarders and everything else that passes by on the sidewalk under his tree.  I’m keeping an eye on him so if he falls, I can rescue him.

I am waiting for the floor in Rob’s office to dry.  Not sure yet if it needs another application of stain.  This floor looks like hell, and more stain might make it look worse!  I am hoping some polyurethane will give it a more uniform appearance.  If not … we have lots of rugs!  I’m just glad to be moving forward.

The only other house progress I’ve made is, I fixed a doorknob on the pantry so it doesn’t fall off every time I try to open the door.

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… but I earned the right to flop.  I did two hours of T’ai Chi, a bike ride, and an hour of yoga today.  Whew!

Rob has been taking T’ai Chi classes since we moved to CA–about seven months.  With all his martial arts training, it was a natural fit.  He is sold on it, claims it has cured all his knee/hip/back issues.  So today, he finally talked me into trying it out.

I loved it!  Even though I felt like I had four left feet all in the wrong places, it was fun.  It reminds me of dancing, or cheerleading (reaching WAY back into the memory banks now).  All those kazillion Chinese people who do it in the parks every day can’t be wrong.  (Our class was in the park near the ocean.)

There’s another class on Thursday at the senior center.  I’m planning to go to that one, too.

Yeah, I can actually live my live now that I’ve turned my book in.  I have another deadline May 7, then another one May 31, and I am determined to pace myself this time and not get caught.  I seldom miss deadlines (this was maybe the third or fourth time for a book deadline) and I hate that pressure!

Flower Power Dangle Enamel Earrings

Flower Power Dangle Enamel Earrings

In other news:  I am giving away free books!  Yes, that is right.  All you have to do is buy something from one of my Etsy shops.

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Thanks for visiting,


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Actually it’s not right on the beach, it’s on a grassy bluff overlooking the beach.  My yoga teacher (and friend) Larry started doing free yoga classes Friday nights at this venue.  You do the class as the sun sets. (I am not actually in this picture.  Larry took it with his phone, pretty cool!)

So, tonight’s class was windy.  And a little cold.  But it’s amazing how if you focus on the practice, you start to not feel the cold at all.

So there I was, lying on my stomach in the locust position (head, shoulders, arms and legs raised off the mat, and my face was very close to the grass, and I could see this teeny tiny white flower. And I realized that I was probably the only person in the world who would ever notice this flower, and how beautiful it was, so detailed and complicated, a tiny, miraculous work of natural art.

Okay, that is what yoga does to me sometimes.  Makes me feel one with the world.

Now I get to eat some homemade bread with peanut butter and maybe a salad.  I have some lettuce in my garden ready to pick!

Oh–in case you didn’t hear me shouting on Facebook–I finished my book today.  Rough draft, still lots of editing to go, but YAY ME.

[Photo courtesy of Larry Rosenwinkel.  Look up The Larry Chronicles on Facebook.] http://www.facebook.com/?sk=ru#!/group.php?gid=334880904209&ref=ts

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Also From My Yard

Flowers from my yard

I can’t take any credit for these–they volunteered in the jungle that is my yard.  I hear that the land I’m on was once part of a flower farm.  I don’t know if that is true or not, but we do have lots of pretty wild flowers.

I am having another day of getting a lot done but not writing.  I recognize avoidance when I see it.

Still, I cleaned a rug, I took some pictures of vintage scarves for my Etsy shop, I baked bread, I worked in the garden (planted a raspberry bush/vine), I paid bills.  Next up I think I will take a walk, get some real exercise, maybe walk down to the hair-cutting place and see if they can take me.  I’ve just let my hair grow wild (like my yard) because I can’t figure out what I want to do with it.

Happy Easter, for those celebrating.  I wish I had some Peeps right about now.

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