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Getting the old paint and varnish off is making me crazy!

We’ve held out long enough.

During the move, some things turned up missing–the legs to our patio table and our George Foreman grill.  There is no logical reason anything should have disappeared, since we did all the moving ourselves, and the only time anything was out of our direct control, it was either locked in a POD, or at my sister’s house.

I am still convinced we will find these things in the depths of our garage, which is full of stuff.  Meanwhile, I was going mad with no table outside.  So we went to Big Lots (yesterday).

There we found a table almost identical to our old one for a very good price, and a George Foreman Grill (not as big as our old one, but still) and a new coffee maker (our old one was held together with duct tape).  The table is assembled, the coffee maker and grill have been broken in (turkey burgers last night, coffee this morning).

Today we decided it was time to tackle the upstairs floor again.  We’ve tried a big sander (didn’t work, floor is too uneven and the varnish is too gummy).  Then we tried a heat gun.  That varnish just gums everything up.  Next, a small belt sander.  Same problem.

Today, we went after it with stripper.  It’s still not working very well, but I think if I attack very small areas at a time, I can eventually get it done.  I did the whole downstairs in three days–sanding, staining, polyurethane.  This is going to take me weeks, just for one lousy room.  The other bedrooms and the hallway have the same problem.

It’s tempting just to paint the floor.  But that goes against my grain (hahahahah, little wood joke).  So I will spend a lot of time doing this one small thing.

I had a dream last night that I traded houses with another family.  Their house, while somewhat lacking in charm, didn’t need any work at all.  But after spending one night there I was in tears, begging my Realtor to undo the deal because I wanted my old wreck of a Victorian back.

When I woke up for real, I was so relieved.  What is wrong with me?

The online class I am teaching (on synopsis) is halfway done.  My book is not finished.  My fingernails look disgusting.  But I can grill and drink coffee and sit outside (and feed the birds, I bought a huge tub of birdseed at Home Depot today) so life is good.

Did I mention I have some wine?

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