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My friend Sandra Payne, who produces and directs the web TV series that I have a small part in, invited me to a screening party for her show and four other “webisodes,” as they’re called.  You see, the “Streamies” are coming up.  These are the Emmy equivalent for internet TV shows.  With more thn 1,000 entries, serious contenders must get their shows noticed.

Hence,  a “For Your Consideration” screening at a hot Hollywood theater venue.

Although we were late because the trains were funky again this weekend, it was pretty cool.  There was a guy standing at the door with a list, and no one got in unless they were on the list.  Then we went up these dark stairs to a bar area which was packed with beautiful people.  Most of them were actors, so of course they were pretty!  I paid $7 for a beer at the bar, and I only got a glimpse of Sandy.

We found seats in the theater way in the back and sat through more than two hours of … shall we say, alternative TV? Parts of it were really good, other parts cringe-worthy.  (Sandy’s show, “Life with Kat & McKay,” was by far the best!)  Afterward, I caught up with many of the actresses I worked with last weekend, including my friend Marie del Marco, who stars in Kat & McKay and was featured in another of the series as well.)

Anyway, lots of fun, I felt very glam.  Then we left the theater and it was RAINING.  Where the heck did that come from?  We had to walk two blocks in the rain to the Metro station and I was freezing the whole way home.

On the train, we came back to earth in a hurry.  Two young women were discussing their evening.   They’d been to a free screening of Alice in Wonderland, and Johnny Depp was there!

I guess there are Hollywood parties, and then there are HOLLYWOOD PARTIES.


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The Word Meter

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH word meter.  Deadline April 15.  This is Book #2 in the Project Justice trilogy for Superromance.

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Cabinets are half-installed

I’m so excited, it’s beginning to look a lot like kitchen, LOL.  This will give you an idea, plus you can now see the color I painted my walls.  It’s pretty dramatic!

The part that isn’t painted will eventually be a tile backsplash.

Back to  working on my book today.  Have to have three chapters done by week’s end.  I’m pretty close–maybe ten pages to go.

Oh, and I listed a few more things on Etsy today–some nice jewelry, mostly from my mother-in-law.  She closed her antique shop, but she still likes to find bargains, so she gives the stuff to me to sell.  Here are today’s goodies:

Take care!

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The cabinets REALLY are arriving on THIS Monday.  And the patching and painting is done.  Here is the ceiling, all beautiful:

In other news, we had lots of birds in the yard today.  Finally, my feeders are popular with the feathered set.  Mostly house finches and doves and a few house sparrows, but also a yellow rump, a lone female goldfinch, and a black phoebe.

The tame squirrel was back.  We call her Tubby now.  She is very fat and sleek from eating all my bird seed.  Or maybe she is pregnant.  Today she gorged on bread I put out for the doves, and I gave her a dried apricot, which she really liked.  I’ll try to get a picture of her soon.

Tomorrow I am going to be a bit player in a webisode called “Life With Kat & McKay,” produced by my friend Sandra Payne.  It plays on Koldcast.tv and a few other places–I’ll let you know when the episode airs.  It’s a cute series, check it out.

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Not much time to get the walls in shape for the new cabinets, so we’re going at it.  The first picture is a wall Rob has been working on.  He’s installing cement board behind the sink and future backsplash.  Hard to work with.  The other picture is my day’s project, removing some molding and patching the gaping hole left behind.  I also yanked out some old electrical stuff, a fuse box, wires, etc.

We figure all the drywall patching will be done tomorrow.  Then we get to tape and mud, which I actually enjoy!  I also have to do a bit of floor patching, because in one spot, the new cabinet doesn’t quite cover up what the old cabinet did.  I am stealing some linoleum tiles from under the sink for the patches.

Wrote ten more bad pages today!  Also started teaching an online class.  And, we treated ourselves to dinner at Polly’s (nice cafe, I gorged on chicken-fried steak and mashed potatoes) and a trip to Trader Joe’s.

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